Products / Services - Internet Leased Lines

Nextel helps you to manage your business with super-fast internet speeds integrated with leading cutting-edge technology, we provide dedicated Leased Lines for all our corporate customers at affordable prices.Leased Lines are ideally designed to suite organization’s secure and reliable connectivity for dedicated fixed bandwidth between two points to communicate data and or voice traffic.

Leased Lines are highly cost-effective, particularly if you tend to exchange large volumes of traffic between your company’s sites or a valued business partner.

We give you faster, high bandwidth leased line connections (from 5Mb to 155Mb and upwards), at really economical cost. We ensures that your business maintains faster data output and very low latencies

Key features

  • Delivered directly over Optic Fiber
  • Flexible bandwidths are supported
  • Rapid installation of business-critical - communication link
  • Guaranteed fix times combined with high availability guarantee
  • Future proof internet connectivity with iPV6 readiness.
  • Uptime guaranty of 99.9%+
  • Multiple IPs provided on complimentary basis